Catalogue of your images

Integral part of Weldia designer is a catalogue of your drawings. It contains everything you create.

This database resides on our servers (in the cloud) so it is accessible from anywhere.

In case of multi-user licenses, the database is shared, so it is very easy to collaborate.

Metadata and advanced search

Every drawing you create contains various information by which you can filter or sort.

You can tag your images manually, by client, by project or in any way you like.

Every drawing is also tagged automatically according to objects it contains. This greatly simplifies the search without any additional work on your side.

Access from anywhere

Weldia designer is a web application. Just like Gmail or other online services you use.

This means you can log in from anywhere. You are not limited to your workstation as it is the case with conventional software.

You can even use tablet or mobile phone to access the catalogue of your images.


Multi-user licenses of Weldia designer allow for employees of your company to work together, share the images, modify them and collaborate effectively.

When you have more employees, it is possible to divide them into departments for easier filtering of the images.