Weldia designer works directly in your browser

No installation required. Always up-to-date.

Log in and work. Just like Gmail.

You can log in from your office, on the road or even from home.

Technology behind Weldia designer

Draw by manipulating predefined objects

80+ (and growing) predefined standardized objects in multiple views

Fully parametrical editing: width, height, thickness, diameter, root face, …

Image creation explained

It exports common image files

One-click export. Professional quality.

You can import the images anywhere.

Word, Excel, CAD or custom WPS software.

More document examples

All your drawings are saved in the cloud

Every image is saved in the catalogue with advanced search.

Never lose anything on your hard drive again.

Managing drawings in detail

Cooperate with your colleagues

Weldia designer supports multiple users.

If you have more employees, you share the database.

Save time on communication.

Cooperation and sharing drawings

Weldia designer is not a CAD replacement

Use it side by side, they complement each other.

Create the documentation in CAD, draw the details in Weldia designer.

Weldia designer vs. competition

Try it for yourself

Fully functional trial for 30 days.

Weldia designer free trial

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